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Click here to stop hair loss.Hair Styles for Balding Men

Forget the comb-over boys, that hair style just isn’t working for you!

Many men who are balding are self-conscious and worry that the hair style they currently have is actually a bad hair style. If that’s your thinking, you’re not far off. A comb-over only emphasizes the areas where your hair is thinning out. Of course, a receding hair line and thinning hair don’t offer much in the department of hair styles so this page will offer you fashionable alternatives to those bald hair styles and why they help hide your balding. Once you’re done reading this, you’ll embrace your thinning hair with a great new bald hair style everyone will love!

HairstyleBald Hair Style Option 1:
Short, clean cut. If you leave your hair long in the back or on the sides in the hopes that a comb-over will solve your problem, think again. It only draws more attention to the fact that you are balding. So why not go for a short, clean cut? With this hair style, you can use different products in your hair, such as muds and waxes, to create different styles any day of the week.

Bald Hair Style Option 2:
Grow facial hair. By growing a beard, goatee, or moustache, it will take attention away from your head and people will focus on your new “accessory”.

Bald ManBald Hair Style Option 3:
Color your hair. It’s not just women anymore! The truth is by lightening your natural color, it will reduce the contrast between the hair and the scalp which in turn makes your thinning hair much less noticeable.

Bald Hair Style Option 4:
Shave it off! Vin Diesel does it, so does Michael Chicklis, as does Hector Elizondo. If you don’t think using waxes or coloring your hair is you, then simply go bald. This way, everyone will think that you have chosen to have no hair and women find it attractive!

Some men would rather restore their hair loss instead of choosing one of the above mentioned bald hair styles. There are a number of shampoos and creams on the market for hair loss or you can seek out the help of a medical professional and get hair transplants.


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