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Click here to stop hair loss.Hair Loss Symptoms

While the symptoms of male pattern baldness may seem obvious, there are a few important distinctions to make before recognizing and dealing with hair loss.

What exactly is male pattern baldness? There are several visible signs of hair loss:

  • Hair Loss Symptomshair is generally not as thick as it may have been months or years prior to its current state.
  • a receding hairline - an area of balding over the frontal part of the head that gradually increases over time.
  • a bald spot - a circular area of baldness covering the crown, or top-rear, of the head.
  • a complete loss of hair except for an area around the back and sides of the head indicating male pattern baldness which is often a result of the combination of a receding hairline and a bald spot, over time.

Baldness becomes noticeable when hair density begins to decrease i.e. there simply is not as much hair in a particular area as there used to be. This may become noticeable at any given age, though generally becomes more prominent with age.

Different men suffer different amounts of hair loss, and at different times in their lives. Some men may not begin to show signs of hair loss until later in life. Others may begin to notice a receding hairline in their college years or earlier. Nevertheless, two-thirds of men will be confronted with any or all of these symptoms at some point in their lives.


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